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Basilica del Voto Nacional

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Basilica del Voto Nacional - Basilica of the National Vow


The idea of the construction of the Basilica of the National Vow was conceived by Father Julio Matovelle, when he was a Congressman in 1883.  This Priest is also the founder of the congregation of Oblate Religious Women and Oblate Missionaries in Ecuador.  Its implementation was authorized by decree of the National Assembly on February 29, 1884.

Congress designated the amount of 12,000 pesos from the national treasury in the budget for the construction, payable at the rate of 1,000 pesos per month from 1884 on.  On July 3, 1885, the Fourth Quitense Provincial Council issued a decree and turned the construction of the Basilica into a religious compromise in the name of the country as an external symbol of the Consecration of Ecuador to Jesus' Sacred Heart realized on March 25, 1874.

The blue prints were designed by a French Citizen, Architect Emilio Tailer.  He charged 40,000 francs and it took him approximately six years, from 1890 to 1896 to finish it.   The first stone was placed on July 10, 1892.  Mary's Immaculate Heart Chapel was built from 1892 to 1909.

The construction was started by the Oblate Priests of Issanbon (France) during  the first five years in 1897 with the approval of Pope Leon XIII.  Father Julio Matovelle and his Oblate Congregation assumed the construction in 1901 by petition of the Archbishop Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Calixto.  Father Jesus Rigoberto Correa Vasquez, an Oblate Missionary had an outstanding participation in the construction of the Basilica and devoted forty years of his priest life to finish the construction.

The Basilica was blessed by Pope John Paul II on January 30, 1985 and consecrated and declared Immaculate on June 12, 1988.

The Basilica is 150 meters long, 35 meters wide, 35 meters high in the Central Ship and 15 meters in the votive chapels.  Its towers are 78.23 meters high, 73 meters in the dome, 16 meters by 45 meters on the base of the towers.  I has 7 access doors:  3 in front and 4 on the sides.  It also has three solid crypts and the Pantheon for the Chiefs of State.

Pictures by:  Bernie Velarde

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Side Look

Front of the Basilica

Seen from a distance

Inside the Basilica

Inside the Basilica

Missing Crystals


Main Entrance

Main Entrance

Between the Ceiling and the Roof

Restaurant in Clock Tower

A Spectacular View

Going up?

The Clock

Crystal Windows

Home Old Quito Modern Quito Old Quito At Night Old Quito No. 2 Ecuador's Nature Basilica Cuenca

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